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Nature has rights inscribed upon leaves, riversides, cloud tracks; rights the violation of which will lead to the destruction of life.* Recently, we witness plenty of destructions. Draughts, floods, wildfires, and many more. The Pandemic, the last example of these destructions, showed us that injustice to the nature exposed is the reason of all injustice.

The extinction in our planet for the last century has been beyond what we have been causing for thousand years. We created a system in which all beings have been influencing negatively and fighting for existence. In the meantime, while millions of animals die, thousands of them are left without nest and food, and thousands of them are trapped to cages, and we have just been part of these. The extinction starting with streams and trees has reached the world’s greatest rivers and forest ecosystems. Extinction has impacted everywhere from poles to tropical regions, from mountain peaks to the depths of oceans. This extinction which once seemed to be so far away from us is now in our city, at our home.

All these are the results of human disconnection from nature and extinction of mutual values with nature. Eras have been a rule when the strong oppress the weak, the different ones are alienated, those who do not surrender are tyrannized. While science and technology have been improving at a rapid pace, values such as tolerance and love have been regressing. Although there are more efforts to fight for rights, the injustices have not become less.

As we have not been expecting an extraordinary change in the system that we used to, the Pandemic started influencing everyone’s lives no matter where they live and how different they are in terms of language, religion, finance. It changed the supposedly indestructible systems that humanity has been building with a control over everything. As a result, injustices and extinctions which have been ignored until now are in our agenda. A new era in which we try to estimate the economic and social results of the Pandemic, discuss new systems and search for equity and unity has started.

We, as beings, are connected with indissoluble bonds. With the invisible bonds of nature. The joy, suffering, life and death of all beings influence each other. The Pandemic has showed us that we cannot live without letting the others live.

Now we need a revitalization. Once again, we will turn to nature. We will take the responsibility of the lives of all beings. While fighting for the rights, we will blend in the joy of nature. We will unite, form relationships with tolerance and will be brave. We will bring out, tell about and experience the implicit culture and the secrets of nature.

In this period while asking more questions, we know that the answers of questions that we all ask hide in nature. On the leaves of each tree, on the wing of each bird, in each river, forest, in stars dispersed in space. And in the nature inside of us whoever we are. Therefore, we say:

Ask nature!

*From the text Doga’s Values

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