Turkey’s first nature conservation library opened in Izmir

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Turkey’s first nature conservation library opened in Izmir

The opening of Doga’s Nature Library, founded for the researchers working on nature conservation and nature culture, was held on Saturday, March 14th with the participation of hundreds of researchers and nature lovers. As the first library in Turkey that focuses on nature conservation, it will provide its services in the research building of Doga’s Nature School located in Seferihisar, Izmir.

Doga’s Nature Library, an outcome of Doga’s work to sustain biodiversity, defend the rights of nature and convey the nature culture, was opened in Izmir on Saturday, March 14th. It was founded for the researchers working on nature conservation to enable them to access sources of knowledge regarding the field, and it is located in the research building of Doga’s Nature School, in the Orhanlı village of Seferihisar.

Its creation goes back to 2018, and its contents consist of topics such as birds, endangered species, Key Biodiversity Areas, Important Bird Areas and Indigenous Production Landscapes in particular, as well as the conservation of biodiversity, nature culture, nature philosophy, nature literacy, nature arts.

Founded as a Collective Effort for Nature Conservation

The first efforts for Doga’s Nature Library’s aiming at providing researchers with a collection of sources from Turkey and the world was completed by combining the archives of Doga with the private collections of Tansu Gürpınar, Özcan Yüksek and Güven Eken. The library was established with the support and contributions of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Anyone who wishes to join in the collective efforts of Doga Library can share or donate their sources on nature conservation and nature culture.

There are over five thousand sources and publications in the Nature Library, open to those who work on nature conservation and nature culture. All sources in the library can be searched on the website www.dogakutuphanesi.org, while the rare sources in the archive can be accessed digitally.

The First Library on Nature Conservation

Özlem Akın, the chairwoman of Doga, spoke during the opening of the Nature Library on Saturday, March 14th:
“Our organisation has been working since 2002 to conserve biodiversity and protect Key Biodiversity Areas, especially the endangered species. Knowledge is our sole need in order to carry out our work and protect our nature. Therefore, it is very valuable that the work and research done on nature conservation and the knowledge produced by nature culture are accessible. Doga’s Nature Library was founded to meet this very need, in order to help to increase and spread the knowledge regarding nature conservation. Literature belonging to a great amount of work done on nature conservation throughout the world will be available to researchers through the Nature Library Library. We hope that Doga’s Nature Library will be beneficial for everyone working on nature conservation and help conserve our nature.”

Doga’s Honorary Member Tansu Gürpınar said the following words about the Nature Library: “Biodiversity is, in a sense, the world’s greatest and most valuable library. We, nature lovers and nature conservationists, work heartily for preventing the books in this library from any harm. From this aspect, we are all each a librarian. I wish that the Nature Library greatly contributes to the survival of the world’s biggest library.
Seferihisar Mayor İsmail Yetişkin who joined the opening of the Nature Library stated as follows: “Our collaboration with Doga and Doga’s Nature School continues for many years. We are very happy about the establishment of such an important library for nature conservation. The books here are extremely valuable and rare books in their fields. We know that the Doga’s Nature Library is a considerably great step in the conservation of nature. We will continue to support Doga and its efforts on nature conservation.”
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Buğra Gökçe said the following in his speech at the opening: “While visiting the Nature Library, I felt as if I were in a magical world. It is crystal clear that this library will contribute to the efforts on nature conservation. We as Izmir Metropolitan Municipality are very happy to support this meaningful work. We thank everybody who gave effort for the Nature Library.”

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