Safe Migration Routes For Birds

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Anatolia is an important migration route for migratory soaring bird species between Europe and Africa. In particular, migratory soaring bird species such as storks, pelicans, eagles, buzzards and vultures need roosting and feeding places during their migration journey. One of the places where they take a break and roost during their difficult migration journey is the electricity poles. The electricity poles without insulation are also becoming one of the most important threats to birds.

In cooperation with Doğa Derneği (BirdLife Turkey) and Toros EDAŞ, 116 hazardous poles were isolated in Mersin and Adana regions until the end of 2022. As of 2023, 100 more poles were insulated within the scope of the protocol signed with Toros EDAŞ, and a total of 216 electricity poles were insulated.

The successful results of the studies and knowing that the birds will face fewer threats during migration will be a source of hope and strength for us in future studies. Identifying other threat areas in the future and completing the isolation processes is necessary. We continue working to isolate hazardous electricity poles in the region.


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