Stop Deforestration in Akbelen

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The cut down of the Turkish pines in the Ikizkoy Akbelen Forest is destroying the habitats of the species. Despite the public outrage, the mining company is massacring the trees, turning the mature pines into lumber and removing them from the forest.

The cycle of the ecosystem continues despite this destruction, thanks to the existing vegetation, thousands of microorganisms above and under the ground, as well as saplings and seeds ready to grow at any moment. A great number of young Turkish pines, scrub vegetation, reptiles, insects, birds and wild mammals are going on with their lives.

Forestland left from the tree massacre in Akbelen is still valuable regarding ecosystem integrity. As long as the soil cover is not destroyed, Akbelen Forest will maintain this quality.

Therefore, the prime target of the Akbelen resistance will be to protect the soil layer that harbours natural life.

Now, what to do:

– Destructive actions in the Akbelen Forest must be stopped,
– Heavy-duty machinery must be removed from the area, and the soil structure must be protected,
– A restoration plan must be prepared by experts.

Akbelen Forest will bloom again; the forest ecosystem with its biodiversity will be conserved.


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