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Earthquakes that happened in Turkey affected a large region covering southern Turkey and northern Syria. 10 cities directly faced deadly earthquakes several times in a day, followed by a continuation of damages and ruining of houses. The population of these 10 cities that faced damages and loss of lives are more than 13 million. According to The World Health Organization (WHO) nearly 23 million people could be exposed, including around 5 million vulnerable populations, including more than 350,000 older people, and 1.4 million children by the powerful earthquake early Monday, February 6. The devasting quake has left over 44.374 people dead and 108.068 injured. The rescue is still ongoing. The assumptions for the deaths, injured and affected people are enormous. 

Urgent Needs

The lack of aid coordination, access to humanitarian aid, security, and winter conditions are the main problems in the region. There is a high need for aid on specific needs, such as clean water, hygiene products, heaters, and tents in this snowy weather. Even the humanitarian aid is collected nationally and internationally, their access to the cities is prolonged because of the heavy snow, damaged transportation systems, including airports and lack of coordination. Besides continuing and increasing the need for humanitarian aid, the other problem is accessing this aid by the local people in the region. 

Doga’s Work:

– Doga decided to help earthquake victims via its local network to supply humanitarian aids to local needers.

– We have directly contacted more than 500 local Doga members, volunteers and Doga’s Shop partners living in the region affected by the earthquake. We were relieved to hear most of them were safe. We are sharing those needing urgent support with authorities. Also, we are actively communicating it with our followers through our social media accounts, mentioning the responsible authorities to take action.

– Also, we are asking our network for support, who is also a volunteer and expert in a search&rescue and humanitarian aid organisation in the region, to help us to reach our network needing urgent support.

– Doğa’s Shop started to provide underwear for children, baby diapers and women menstrual pads via donations.

– We will open our guesthouse for the affected people from the birdwatching network to stay until they recover for six months. And we will try to supply fundamental needs. 

If you want to support our efforts, you can use this link.


We accept donations in USD, EURO and GBP.

How can you help?

To have a positive impact in the short and medium terms, urgent support will help us to support the region to recover sooner or later. 

– Financial support to make urgent humanitarian aid: We could have done only very limited humanitarian aid to the region. The needs are high. We need financial support to send more items in urgent need, such as underwear, personal hygiene products, tents etc. We will use Doga’s Shop facilities and network. 

– Financial support to access the area: Due to lack of enough coordination. We need to transport humanitarian aid by ourselves and volunteers with the coordination of other NGOs. We will send volunteers to ensure the support reaches our network requesting help. 

– Monitoring and helping animals that are injured and/or lack food and water in the region.

Thank you for being part of this solidarity.


Source: CNN


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